Yes…interviews…plural!   I actually got a call to do an interview while I was in an interview for another clinic.  It was a nice to finish an interview and get back to my car to see that lovely surprise!

I have, currently, done 4 interviews, two of which I already about and the other two (which I did yesterday and today) that I will update you on now!


Interview #3

Another Craigslist post! I went in to do the interview yesterday.  It’s pretty close to where I live (just 10 minutes!) so I was happy to be finding a place a little closer to me.  The place looked okay from the outside.  I got into the clinic and had a seat to wait for my interviewer.  As I sat waiting, I overheard a couple of patients talking.  I was getting the vibe that this was more of a chronic pain type of a clinic.  Now I’m not opposed to working with chronic pain patients, but as a new grad, I was hoping to not have that be my focus.  Chronic pain patients take a little longer in their recovery and I would like to feel like I’m getting results with more acute patients before focusing more on chronic pain.

I got called in to do the interview.  It felt more like an interview than my previous two “interviews” but I still felt that it was lacking.  I felt like I had so much more to share about myself and my experiences but the interviewer was not really asking me questions that opened up the door for me to share.  She also informed me that it was not, in fact, a full-time position and that they had worked out a deal with a completely different clinic that had no connection to them whatsoever, to share whoever they hire.  I’ve never heard of anything like this.  Basically, two days of the week I would be with clinic A and the other 3 days I would be with clinic B.  She said that if room opened up for full-time at either clinic, the two clinics would discuss it.  Part of me felt it seemed a little odd and the other part of me felt that at least I had a foot in two doors should a full-time position arise at either clinic.

Eventually, she called in the chiropractor of the place  to have him show me around  (this is a clinic that has an array of healthcare providers that work together…MDs, chiropractors, PTs).  The chiro walked me around and I waved at people as we walked by.  We eventually got to the PT part of the building.  Woah! This was the complete opposite of the first two places I interviewed at.  This place was jam-packed with just about every machine you could dream of.  I’m not sure I could even tell you the function of half of the machines there!  Now, I hate to be a Goldilocks…but this was machine overload.  Yea, I know…first two clinics were a little measly, now this was a little too much.  And I’m not exactly in the position to be choosy!

I really liked the chiropractor.  He was super friendly and gave me a lot of hope that it would be a fun place to work at.  Yet again, though, I was going to be the only therapist.  Another PT came in on different days.  Now there are some pros to being the only PT, but I feel like, at this stage of my career, it’s better for me to at least have SOMEBODY to bounce ideas off of when I’m feeling stuck.

I left the interview thinking it went pretty well but also feeling like they didn’t have much to go by since I was asked so little.  Ultimately, my overall impression was that the place was just okay.  It wasn’t anything I would get super excited about but it wasn’t a complete “no” like the other clinic.  And yes, I still need to do an interview with the other clinic that would be part of this deal.  So I guess I’ll hold off on any judgment until I talk to them.

After this interview, though, I was thinking I would rather take a full-time position at my per diem clinic before this one. And that is apparently turning into quite the possibility…but I will get into that another time.


Interview #4

You guessed it…another Craigslist post!  Actually, I had sent a resume to this clinic before but I think there was some kind of mix-up.  I had applied through their website before and heard nothing.  I then sent a resume through Craigslist (not knowing it was the same clinic because it didn’t say) and they responded.  I got the call yesterday after I finished my other interview.  The therapist sounded pretty stern and not exactly like the happy person I’d like to work alongside.

Anyway, I went into today with the mindset of this interview being more for the experience and not to worry about getting hired for a job.  Reason being is that I had worked for this same company before (in another location) as an aide.  I remember, as an aide, thinking that I would not want to work there as a PT because the patients hardly spent any time with the therapists.  But every clinic is different, so why not give it a shot?  And why be nervous?  I had pretty much ruled this clinic out entirely anyway.

Long story short, I was very wrong to rule this clinic out.  This was my first interview that I had left a very happy person.  This is for a number of reasons.  First, the clinic was beautiful.  It was spacious, clean, with private rooms to use if needed, and just the right amount of equipment.  Secondly,  there are other therapists that work there! Woohoo! Thirdly, it was a legitimate interview!!! I got asked all kinds of questions.  It was wonderful.  I got to talk about my past experiences, my strengths and weaknesses, etc.  I loved it.  And I had great follow-up questions! Fourthly (yes, fourthly is a word…I didn’t know anything beyond thirdly existed), I was wrong about the therapist interviewing me.  She was a little more serious but she was very easy to talk to as well.  I really enjoyed getting to interview with her.  Fifthly, it is FULL-TIME….with BENEFITS….and they would be interested in giving me later hours which means I could start at 9 am!! I am not a morning person so this…this is awesome.  Sixthly (okay, now WordPress is telling me this isn’t a word but the online dictionary is telling me otherwise), it is close to me! It is only a 13 minute drive.  Hooray!

I had such a great interview.  I was able to show my personality but also show what I can bring to the table.  She seemed very interested in my workers comp experiences and she loved my ability to be flexible with my schedule (i.e. being able to juggle patients during an eval). And she also liked that I swing dance.  She told me that she wants the clinic to have a fun, positive atmosphere and said she could tell I had a lot personality for it.

So, I think it went really well but I’m not going to count my full-time physical therapy positions before they hatch.  I have already sent out another resume to another clinic from the same company that is also local so I’m keeping myself in it.  Hopefully, I hear back from the place I interviewed at today!!!


I will keep you updated!!