I started my job this Wednesday.  It was a little weird starting in the middle of the week and part of me had wished I was starting next week, but I’m now a little thankful I started this week.

I’ve pretty much been doing nothing but paperwork and evals.  I’m working for a rather large outpatient ortho company, and they have me jumping through all kinds of hoops.  I’ve had to fill out all kinds of things.  I’m beginning to think I’ve somehow signed my life away, or maybe my first born child, to the company.  But at this point, I’m so tired I don’t care!

And I would have thought I’d be done with everything by the weekend.  Nope!  I still have some Onboarding tasks to do for the company, I have to do some conference call orientation from 6 am to 2 pm on Tuesday annnd…I don’t know what else.  I keep getting email after email after email with new things I have to do.  It’s insane.

What makes this even more incredibly stressful is the fact that I have to get used to the EMR the clinic uses.  So I went from documenting paper evals crazy fast (i.e. I had them mostly done by the time the patient left) to me taking an eternity.  I saw 6 evals this week.  I’ve signed off on 1 of them so far.  I’m mostly done with 2 of them so that’s good.  And I have 3 new evals on Monday…I just feel like I keep getting hit with wave after wave.

Anyway, the summary of all of this is….I have waaaaay too much to do, I feel waaaaay in over my head (and it’s not even because of working with patients) and I would love to just grab my cat and go hide under my blankets (but my cat would claw my eyes out).

Overall, I think I’ll like where I’m at once I get all this newcomer stuff done.  Bleh.