I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with where I’m at.  The therapist that didn’t exactly seem all that inviting has really opened up and we talk quite a bit.  We even went to this skills lab thing where we were partners to practice techniques on.  I think the potential is there to be friends.  The other therapist who started a week before me is allllll over the place.  To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got fired in the next few months.  She’s always trying to do a million things at once while treating her patients…and by that, I mean she’s trying to do a million things that are completely unrelated to PT while she’s treating her patients.  For example, she’ll be telling me about something that happened over the weekend, while looking up how to get a license at the DMV, and completely ignoring the fact that one of her patients is waiting for their HEP or for her to take them through the next exercise.  Our clinic director has gotten on her a number of times which has led to the therapist ranting about how she doesn’t know why the clinic director keeps getting on her case….while the clinic director is still in the building!  So I just do my best to change the subject, which is awkward!

The clinic director, for the most part, leaves me alone.  I’ll get updated on things I haven’t learned yet but I haven’t been told anything negative about how I’m performing.  We are super over-staffed right now so that has given me the chance to get the hang of things without feeling super overwhelmed.

There have been a couple things I’m not quite fond of.  For example, our clinic just switched over to charging patient’s for therabands and that bums me out.  What was once free is now $16!! It blows my mind.  So I’ve been working really hard to find ways to modify patient’s exercises so that they can still get what they need without having to fork over money.  That being said, I’m practicing at a clinic where the average patient probably makes at least double what I make…so a $16 theraband probably isn’t the end of the world to them.  Anyway, it still bothers me.

Another thing I don’t like right now is having to see a crap ton of Medicare.  It’s not the Medicare patients I don’t like…it’s just Medicare.  Documentation for Medicare makes you want to rip your hair out.  And if you have Medicare patients overlapping on the schedule, it becomes super annoying trying to figure out how you can get 3 units of therapy out of the session.  So that has been really frustrating and the people up in the front scheduling haven’t been scheduling in a way that would make it easier for the therapists.

Let’s see…I had discharged my very first patient after only 4 visits! One of my patients switched onto another therapist’s schedule which really stressed me out that I wasn’t doing  a good enough job BUT one of her patient’s switched onto my schedule….so whatever.  Oh! I’m also learning Farsi.  I have a patient who speaks Farsi (her English isn’t the best) so I’ve been having her teach me things each time she comes in so that I can communicate with her better and so that if another Farsi speaking patient comes in, I can communicate with them! So far I can….count to 10 (working on 11-20), say right and left, say ankles, knees, hips and back, say hello, goodbye, good job, say ___ more times, say ____ seconds or ____ times and put a lot of it together to say ____ times with the right/left leg or ____ second with the right/left leg.  What’s really great about it is that I’m getting to learn something from a patient while they are learning something from me!  And the patient really appreciates the effort I’m making!

Anyway, that’s the news for now! 🙂