When I first started my job, a whopping 2 months ago, I had a few bad cases of the Mondays.  I would wake up Monday morning feeling completely stressed out and unhappy.  I don’t really blame myself.  How is starting a new job NOT stressful?  Eventually I got over my Monday blues, which I attributed to me finally getting the hang of things.

I must say, lately I’ve been feeling a relapse of the stress and Monday blues.  I’ve gotten a little annoyed by the fact that my hour lunch is really only a half hour since they book patients a half hour before my actual lunch and we are expected to see patients for an hour.  That’s been a problem for me because I only have 30 minutes to eat AND try to catch up on all my morning documentation.

My other issue is that I was supposed to see my last patients at 4:30 which would give me 30 minutes after the last patient leaves for paid documentation time.  Well somebody has been booking me for the 5 pm slot, which means I have no time for documentation at the end of the day.  Obviously, I need to document, so I’m staying late to get I done.  Now, I don’t know who started booking me at this time, but that wasn’t the original plan.  All the other therapists have 30 min of documentation time at the end of the day.

I’ve managed to fix the problem by having the front desk block the slot before my lunch so that now I at least get a whole hour to eat.  This whole inhaling my food thing hasn’t been working, and I’m sure it’s not healthy.  I’ve decided to keep my 5 pm slot open for patients since they seem to be consistently filling it.  And I’d much rather have a whole hour of lunch then 30 min of documentation time at the end of the day.  I HATE having morning paperwork to do at the end of the day vs just having to complete everything from the afternoon by staying a few minutes late.

All in all though, today was just one of those rough days.  I felt on the verge of tears at one point but kept myself together because I only had 30 minutes to eat and finish all my morning paperwork.  Not only that, but I had to see 3 evals today (all Medicare) which meant that I would DEFINITELY be having to do A LOT of documentation after hours.

I call these days “Peds Days”.  It’s in these moments that I start really considering pediatrics…  Like really seriously.  Like, as in I started checking Craigslist today and ALMOST sent out a resume to potential employer.  But I didn’t.  I think pediatrics might be what I go to when I get stressed out and feel inadequate in the world of outpatient ortho.  I put a crazy amount of pressure on myself to do well and I take it very hard when I don’t feel like I’m living up to the crazy high expectations I place on myself.

I don’t know if pediatrics is right for me but I definitely think I could be in a better outpatient ortho clinic.  Is it the worst?  No way.  But it has a lot of flaws and things I’d rather not have to deal with for the rest of my career.  At this point, though, it’s about gaining experience.  So I’m hanging in there and hoping I’ll take some of the pressure off of myself as I get a better handle on where I’m at and what I’m doing.

Ultimately, I just know the dream job is out there for me and that this is a stepping stone to whatever that might be!  One day at a time… 🙂