My name is Candice and, as of December 2015, I’m a brand new, licensed physical therapist. You might be familiar with my other blog, The Life of a DPT Student, that I wrote during PT school.  Well, friends, I’ve decided to start a new one that will involve all of the highlights of my first year as a practicing physical therapist.

The focus of this blog is not to inform you of all of the latest and greatest research out there.  Maybe I’ll touch on some cool things I’ve come across, but for the most part, this blog is dedicated to the lessons that I will learn and the experiences I will gain from this first year as a new PT.  As always, I will be sure to write as openly and honestly as I have done before so that you can be sure to get the true thoughts and feelings of this physical therapist! 🙂

This blog is for the PT students who are about to graduate and are wondering what it is like on the other side.  This blog is for my fellow new grad PTs who want to check in and see that they are not alone in this big, new journey.  And, lastly, this blog is for me…to look back at and see how far I have come!

This is the life of a new grad physical therapist!!