I’m going to try to post something each week about something I’ve learned, or something that might be useful for other new grads, or maybe just something I found interesting or worth remembering in the future (i.e. funny stories).  This week I want to focus on something I’ve been learning about online!

I went a little crazy during my down time while looking for a job.  I was looking up all kinds of things and following all kinds of people/groups related to PT in hopes that I would continue to grow as a therapist.  I think I’ve completed 32.5 CEUs on Medbridge already (which I will talk about that in another post).  Anyway, I feel this crazy amount of stress as a new grad to keep pushing myself.  I understand that I’m new and it kills me to think that there might be something out there for my patients that I haven’t learned about yet that they could benefit from.  It absolutely drives me insane.  This is the reason I’ve been frantically looking for any guidance from more established PTs who share some of their stuff online.

Ultimately, I found Dr. Erson Religioso’s website: Modern Manual Therapist.  Now, I had to pay $5/month for it, but it’s totally worth it.  I’ve learned so much and I’ve applied what I’ve learned to one of my patients.  That patient felt better immediately which almost blew my mind, but I was trying to look as if I was expecting that outcome vs being completely surprised like she was.  I’d go into detail but I’m so freaking tired at this point…maybe another time.  Anyway, I’ve pretty much decided that Dr. E is my PT idol!